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Path Counsel Pathology Legal Consultations Launches New Website
Expanding Reach to National Audience & to Provide Even Better Service

St. Louis - Jul. 21. 2010 - Path Counsel Pathology Legal Consultations is one of two twin businesses founded and run by Dr. Stephen E. Godfrey, a prominent pathologist and medical doctor in St. Louis. The other business is in a similar field, and is named Peace of Mind Private Autopsy Services.

Each enterprise is getting an entirely new website at the moment, with the purpose of better educating their clients and introducing the businesses to potential new clients as well. Although they are both based in the St. Louis, MO area, Dr. Godfrey has had clients from around the country. These new websites; http://www.pathologyexpertwitness.com and http://www.autopsyexpertwitness.com will allow each business to reach out to even more potential clients in every U.S. market, this being one of the primary objectives of the websites, as Dr. Godfrey is already very well known and respected in his central Midwestern region.

Dr. Godfrey’s medial staff memberships include St. Louis University Hospital. He is a Fellow in the American Society of Clinical Pathologists and the College of American Pathologists, and is also the perennial Secretary-Treasurer for the Society of St. Louis Pathologists, so his reputation in the greater St. Louis area is already established. However, for medical consultation and service businesses like these, it is important to spread the word and move onto the national scene in a more significant way. Like any other business, Dr. Godfrey needs his to reach larger markets in order to grow and expand.

Dr. Godfrey is a pathology expert who has practiced his medical specialty for many years, while his businesses have been in existence for a full twelve years now. He has experience consulting a wide variety of different clients, to include hospitals and health care institutions, private individuals, and legal firms for both plaintiff and defense cases.

Needing a forensic pathology expert is always a delicate situation both legally and personally, therefore the best people suited for this kind of work are discreet, caring and personable. Such work requires a special type of sensitivity, expertise, and wisdom. Dr. Godfrey possesses all of these qualities, which have been important to his success.

He also has the experience to think around corners, conceive ideas, and find solutions that other less experienced physicians would miss. In these situations, many years of experience can be a legal team’s ace in the hole.

Dr. Godfrey has appeared many times on the stand as an expert witness in the courtroom, and as a practicing pathologist and autopsy expert he is a most credible witness for either side of a legal case. In recent years, full time medical consultants who no longer practice have become vulnerable to assertions by opposing counsel that they should be disqualified as expert witnesses, because their opinions on the standard of care in their specialties are no longer credible. However, Dr. Godfrey is not susceptible to such maneuvers, because he continues to maintain an active hospital practice in pathology.

Dr. Godfrey is a toxicology and occupational exposure expert as well, and has participated in some very high profile cases dealing with asbestos inhalation. Therefore he would be an excellent consultant or witness in any case involving asbestosis or other occupational lung diseases and their related medical issues, as he has studied this area in great detail.

Other types of consultation cases within Dr. Godfrey’s expertise include workman’s compensation, insurance claims, medical malpractice, and nursing home neglect. He can provide formal documented reports during the discovery process as well as nondiscoverable oral opinions and advice. Lastly, of course, he has extensive experience in such formal legal proceedings as depositions and trial testimony.

A superior pathology expert can be the difference between an outcome of real justice or not, or between a large settlement or nothing, so hiring a maximally qualified professional expert witness for any legal firm is paramount. There is little doubt that Dr. Godfrey’s new modern marketing tools will expose his expertise to wider markets, bringing justice and settlements to more clients in every U.S. region.


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